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2010: Elisabetta, my daughter, was born.

What better way to celebrate than by dedicating a bottle of my own production to her? A Traditional Method was already in the works in the winery. Since 2015 we have been part of the DOCG project for the Alta Langa denomination, so that this wine could identify in the territory where the company was born: it’s a vintage-dates wine with a long stay on the lees, that can be appreciated in its longevity.

When my daughter was born I thought it a nice idea to be able to dedicate it to her, trying to bring her closer to my passion for wine. At a dinner with friends I remember hearing an expression: “sei tremenda” (it. “You’re tremendous”). I had never associated it with a possible wine label, but returning home I realized something. The word contains “tre” (three) and “sei” (six), and that’s exactly the months during which our Metodo Classico ages on the lees: 36. In addition, the name seemed perfect for my daughter; to be tremendous means to be bright, lively, dynamic – simply, to be a child.

The 36 months had gone by in the wine cellar and our Alta Langa was ready, so my family and I decided that “Seitremenda” (with no spaces) would be the perfect name. Having an idea is easy, but putting it onto a label trying to convey a feeling to people drinking our wine requires a step more, and I found that step in illustrator Alice Lotti. Alice translated Elisabetta’s everyday life – a life mainly made of play, as any self-respecting child – into various labels. One illustration is more beautiful than the other, so we ended up using them all: they depict Elisabetta on the swing, playing with marbles, with a teddy bear or a hobby horse, on a tricycle or sliding down a slide. In the evenings I sometimes used to play with Elisabetta and try to explain wine terminologies to her, but she didn't understand them, not until we launched the idea of the Seitremenda board game. Developed by Cristina Ciamporcero and found in every Alta Langa carton, complete with dice, this game is made to entertain adults but especially the little ones: you roll the dice and move the tokens, which are the aluminum plates of sparkling wine corks numbered from 1 to 6, landing upon a precise stage of production of the Metodo Classico.

This gave me a hand in making my daughter more curious about the vast world of wine.


400m above sea level

Type of soil:
calcareous and sandy.
Planting density:
5000 plants/hectare.

Training system:
traditional Guyot

Yield per hectare:
70 quintals

Harvest : Manual harvest in small boxes between the end of August and the beginning of September, depending on the seasonal trend.

Vinification : only the decanted free-run must becomes part of the cuvée. After the first fermentation the wine remains on its yeasts for 6 months. The refermentation takes place in the bottle where the wine is kept for a minimum period of 36 months in our cellars at a constant temperature of 14-15°C.


Produced with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes

  • Color: straw yellow with greenish reflections, soft and creamy foam of long persistence, fine and elegant perlage.
  • Bouquet: ample, expresses power and finesse, notes of green apple, white flowers and bread crust emerge.
  • Taste: sensations related to white fruit are perceived, in the finish interesting notes of minerality emerge.
  • Food pairings: it is a very versatile wine, it can be drunk as an aperitif but also accompany the whole meal.
  • Serving temperature: cold, around 7 - 8 C.
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