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The estate

The Estate is located in Santo Stefano Belbo, on the Seirole hill between the Langhe and Monferrato districts. The area’s main resource has always been winegrowing and the particular geological conformation of the land and the area’s microclimate favour the perfect ripening of grapes and the acquisition of typical organoleptic properties.

This is a small, family run estate, the art of winegrowing having been handed down from generation to generation. The quality that distinguishes our wine is determined by our control of the entire production chain, from the vine to the bottle, via processes which respect tradition while promoting the innovation that distinguishes modern estates.

The company is currently managed by Marco Capra, who has succeeded in giving the right innovative boost typical of the new generations, while continuing to observe the teachings and experience handed down by his forefathers. The precious consulting skills of the oenologists Dante Scaglione and Daniela Serra is a further guarantee for the production of the very best quality wines

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 Campaign financed pursuant to eec regulation number 1234/07
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